The inspiration behind Rosypaws will always be the residents of Rosypaws Retreat, a place that has become a sanctuary for homeless, abused and abandoned mostly special needs dogs, as well as being our home. 

Caring for special needs dogs with mobility issues has inspired us in life and business to create a safe place with rehabilitation support for dogs with severe mobility issues, for those permanently paralysed who need special care, may use wheelchairs, and for those affected but who may recover with support. 

We have fostered and helped rehome many rescue dogs and some have stayed as residents. We currently have 4 resident paraplegic dogs as well as a foster dachshund recovering from recent spinal surgery who is Grade 5 IVDD, a blind lab x and a wonky walker with orthopaedic issues.

We are the charitable part of Rosypaws as we will need help to continue to fund looking after many disabled dogs. We have given up our home to the dogs, and up until now sourced a van, provided wheelchairs, strollers, covered all vets bills, and necessary specialised equipment, and the majority of our lives is spent looking after their needs, and rehab and therapy services will be available free of charge. We are in the process of adapting the gardens to be more disabled dog friendly. But we will need help going forward with assistance with items such as vet bills, special diets, supplements, nappies, puppy pads, washing stuff and other bits needed for these special pups to meet all their needs and hopefully allow us to take in more small disabled ones in the future.

We will be very grateful going forward for any donations to help look after these very special dogs.  We are a small charitable organisation and will be looking into fundraising activities.