Wheelchairs & Mobility Aids​




We offer a flexible Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair rental scheme where you can try out a set of wheels with your dog before buying. We also offer an advice and fittings service for your rental wheels or wheels already purchased. The Walkin Wheels is a lightweight, aluminium, easily adjustable, mobility aid to help dogs stay mobile, rehabilitate and able to exercise.

Wheels can help during rehabilitation or long-term management of orthopaedic or neurological conditions, including general difficulty walking, degenerative myelopathy, hip dysplasia, arthritis, paralysis, IVDD, neurological Issues, surgical or injury recovery. 

Most dogs adapt to the wheels with some encouragement and treats! However, it will not be the right aid for every dog. It may not be appropriate for every dog and every condition so a try before you buy option is useful, as buying new costs from about £280-£600 depending on size.

Before renting or buying any wheelchair it is important to check with your vet/physio that it an appropriate aid and timing for your dog. It is also important that the wheelchair is correctly fitted otherwise it may be uncomfortable or cause further problems.

We have wheelchairs available in mini, small, medium and large. They come with the appropriate harness and leg stirrups if needed. The large size has a choice of wheel size. 

We offer a mobility aids and wheelchair advice and fitting service, either at our clinic or at your home address.

If you are unsure which size you need, we can help with measurements, or you can use the surefit calculator on the walkin wheels website www.handicappedpets.com/wheelchair-sizer/

Price List:

Monthly rental cost:

Mini/Small: £60

Medium: £70

Large: £80

Minimum rental period of 1 month.

£100 deposit, refundable.

Rental contract applies.

Wheelchair Fittings/Mobility Aids advice- £25 (available at Rosypaws clinic in CF62 or mobile).

Wheels can be delivered/collected locally on payment of mileage costs.

We also have small and medium sized strollers available to rent,  from £25. 

These mobility aids help to keep your dogs happy and with as good a quality of life as possible, enabling them to enjoy their favourite walks, and outings.